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Colorful costumes, enthusiastic dancers, cheerful audience...


The PHS biennial cultural show was held on the 23 of June 2017 here in the school campus.  The show showcased 18 groups with the new inclusions of AROB and West Papua groups.


“Cooking Club”

Cooking Club is on action. “Cooking Club” is a group of teachers and parents who gather together on a regular basis to take on a cooking project or explore an unfamiliar cuisine. The club is offering an opportunity to learn how to make tasty and nutritious dishes and desserts.


“RABAUL TRIP – First in-country trip taken by Paradise High School”

They say ‘opportunity knocks at every man’s door only once’ and when the Rabaul Trip was knocking at the doors of enthusiastic teachers and students, they made sure that knock was not going to be left unanswered. The Rabaul Trip took place during the second week of school holidays and the preparations leading up to it was worth the trip. The trip was introduced to students from grade 11 and grade 12 to take part in.


In order to raise awareness of social responsibilities and remembering our culture we, as Paradise High School, organize veriety of activities with the help of students together.


Plenty of breath-taking sport activities were taken place at Paradise High School. You can read details and results..


Finally, Robotics class is on action. Thanks to Mr Shahram Honarzad, who is the Managing Director of Rural Tech Development and his team. They organize the robotic classes after school every Monday. The club is only for the students in Grade 9 and 10.  Only 24 students were selected to be part of the club. The team started to teach students the basic of programming. 


ARO( Australian Relief Organization) from Sydney in coordination and participation of Paradise High School (Papua New Guinea) once again visits to settlements in Port Moresby with the aim of sharing some food items such as rice, tin fish, noodles, sugar, tea, wheat flour and cooking oil to the needy of the said  community.


The 10th Inter-School Speech Contest was staged from 10ː 00am to 12ː30pm on Tuesday, 30th May 2017. A total number of ten schools took part in this year’s speech contest giving a total of 20 participants. The table below shows the details of the participating schoolsː

School  Name of students;


Turkey is famous around the world for its kebabs and its coffee, but traditional Turkish food encompasses an entire world of flavours that spans the Mediterranean, the Balkans, Near East and Arab world. PNG Paradise High School is lucky to have Turkish chef around so the whole school is able to have a taste of Turkish cuisine within reach especially during the culmination of the Turkish week.



The Poetry Recitals is an annual event organised by the Language Department. During this event, the contestants breathe life to the work of poets through the use of physical presence, appropriate voice skills and thematic music. Their challenge is to captivate the audience with the language of the poem, to bring the audience to a better understanding of the poem through voice use and drama.



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