Speech Contest – 2010

Speech Contest
An effective communication is very important at all the stages in our life such as between parents and children, teachers and students, school and parents, politicians and public, manager and staff. A break-up in communication will absolutely cause arguments and disagreements. Giving speech is an important part of the verbal communication. You may be counted wrong even though you are right in a situation unless you deliver your message in an appropriate way. In order to promote effective speech giving,  PNG Paradise English Department which has been organizing  the Annual Speech Contest has for the 3rd time organized it again for 2010 among the schools in NCD. Twenty students from eleven schools participated in the event. The participant schools were Tokorara High School, St. Joseph College, Marienville, PNG Paradise High School, Port Moresby National High School, Kopkop College, Christian Academy, Salvation Army Secondary, Della Sale Secondary, Don Bosco technical School, and Caritas Technical School. PNG Paradise is represented by Angeline Low and Samuel Amaiu of Grade 10. The students deliver their messages on some delicate issues such as “Should all the settlements be demolished?”, “Capital punishment should be the only punishment for murderers and rapists.”, “Pidgin should be the medium of instruction in schools.”, and “Should euthanasia be legalized in PNG?” etc… Students were allowed to use only five minutes to convey their ideas and thoughts on the topic chosen. There were five judges from different schools. Finally, HYLTON LEVI from Tokorara High School stood the first, ODETT GIYOMATALA from Marinville the second, and SAMUEL AMAIU from PNG Paradise High school the third. We congratulate all the participants for the fantastic speeches they have delivered.

What is gambling? ( ANGELINE LOW-4TH PLACE )
Gambling is generally the betting of money on the hope to win extra cash. There are different ways to gamble. From extreme gambling in casinos to basic betting of money on race horses. It should not be legalized in PNG because it leads to many social problems. Such problems are bankruptcy, suicide and family break-ups.
First of all, gambling is very addictive and people who gamble excessively will most likely end up in debt. Gambling is solely based on chance and the probability of winning is about one in a hundred generally. People who go into gambling still think that they have a chance to win and hence, they continuously bet lots of money. This goes on and on until it becomes an addiction. Thus more money is lost and debts are owed, leaving the gambler in bankruptcy.
Secondly, gambling leads to depression and criminal activity. When a gambler is in debt, he or she may not have a source of income whereby he can repay his debtor. When this happens, in a country like PNG, people take law into their own hands. Therefore, if you bet money against someone and cannot repay him, he or she will belt you or even kill you, depending on the value of the debt. Just the thought of this may cause great depression and the gambler may become insane and consider suicide. Though that’s no likely, it is a possibility. The debtors may turn to criminal activities as their last option to repay their outstanding fees.
Lastly, gambling should not be legalized in PNG because it breaks up families. When one parent turns to gambling, he/she uses up all his wages and there is no money left for the family. The spouse of the gambler may be concerned and this may lead to fights among themselves. The children of a family will be greatly affected as there will be no money for school fees and basic necessities. Gambling can cause divorces and a family may be torn apart.
For example, I had an aunty who married a loving and caring man. This man then turned into gambling after 15 years or so. He used almost all of his income on gambling because he was so hooked on it. This went on and on until it became an addiction.  When this happened, his two children, one girl 14, and a son 17, had to leave school because their school fees were not paid on time. My aunty, being a housewife with no source of income, became furious and she started fighting with her husband endlessly until they finally decided upon a divorce. This took a toll on their eldest son, who turned to drugs and alcohol to relieve his pain. Being with his friends most of the time, he was pressured into crime and he began to pick-pocket and rob rich people. This became a way of life for him as it was the only way he could get money.
To conclude, I would like to say that gambling has many negative effects differing on various types of gambling. When addicted to gambling, it may lead to bankruptcy. When betting money against someone and in debt, it may lead to suicide or criminal activity. Family-break ups are the end results and there are many more bad effects of gambling.  It is time-consuming and such a waste of money. With that, I would like to leave you with a quote: “Gambling is like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs” Thank you.