From spreading the gospel through music to carrying out awareness to schools, the Planet Shakers always leave their audience moved and inspired.
Their visit to the school on Friday of week 7 not only left the school mesmerized with their indulging music, but helped to educate everyone on: disrespect, being valuable and having a life filled with positivity. Such visits shouldn’t be taken for granted, hence what had been preached should be practiced. On the 9th of August, week 5, Paradise High school held its 9th annual Spelling Bee competition. The competition was held separately for the Primary and Secondary section on different allocated periods. The Primary school was on
4th-5th period and Secondary was on the 7th and 8th period. The competition started off with the Preliminary Round detailed rules and mechanics.
1. Students were tested by a written test to spell 20-30 words after which a decision for the top 4 (primary) and top 2 (secondary) was done.
2. Top 4 students from the primary and top 2 from secondary were picked up for the competition in each grade. 
After a tense yet enjoyable spelling bee competition, the winners were proclaimed.
Primary Secondary
1st Place- Aurora Takendu 1st Place – Courtney Baleo
2nd Place- Stacey Rawuth 2nd Place- Luke Mauta
3rd Place- Elizabeth Tori 3rd Place- Shierly Wahamu
By Mercy Puiye- 8B