Basketball U-16 and U-18

The Basketball Inter-School Tournament for U-16 and U-18 Girls took place at the Taurama Aquatic Center on the 26th of May, 2017. Paradise High School was one of the five schools that participated in the tournament.  At the end of the day, POMIS came 1st , followed by U-16 and U-18 PHS girls for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
“The basketball games were good but very challenging”, commented U-16 PHS player Corina Kome. “The teams that competed were very good and the competition went well even though some teams were absent”, she added.

Mercy Puiye 8B

Futsal Tournament

This term, our school had its annual futsal tournament.  It began on May 22nd and ended on June 6th.  Altogether, there were 14 male teams and 18 female teams that took part in the futsal competition. Out of the 14 male teams, the Black Eagles (Gr 8 boys) came first in the secondary division.  The runners up in the competition were the Black Sonas and White Sonas, both from 12 Risk Takers class.  The winners and runner up were awarded with medals and prize money.  Overall, all the teams that played in the tournament were outstanding and showed a great level of skills and techniques. WHAT ABOUT GIRLS TEAM?

Jemimah Paisawa 9C

The Streetball Tournament
The Streetball Tournament was held from 17th to 28th April 2017 at Paradise High School basketball court. The tournament consisted of four divisions such as Secondary boys and girls, and Primary boys and girls.  The players form the designated teams played according to the set timetable every lunch period.  They played hard and tough with the aim of winning the game.  However, after that strenuous yet enjoyable competition the game had finally come to an end. The winners are as follows:

Primary Boys
1st Place - Grade 8Balanced  (Fitzgerald, Taunoi, William and Martin)
2nd Place -Grade 7 Caring (Colin,Timothy,James and Locksley)

Primary Girls
1st Place- Grade 6E   (Sophia, Pokani, Latanya, Gabriella and Shanaya)
2nd Place- Grade 8B   (Epoga, Jodie,Ogan and Stacey)

Secondary Boys
1st Place- Grade 12RT   (Jeremy, Robinson, Nathaniel)
2nd Place- Grade 11R   (Yangohilly, Neil, Goasa, Bao and Michael)

Secondary Girls
1st Place- Grade 12RT    (Faye, Delphine, Maria, Avae amd Abigail)
2nd Place- Grade 11K    (Mimigale, Ruth, Serah and Nakiisha)

Courtney Baleo 9C