Intra School Activities



ART WEEK Students draw and colour pictures on various themes.

MATHS WEEK Reversi, Jenga and Bingo tournaments are held. “Numeracy Wizard” Competition, “Drawing with Numbers” Contest, watching episodes of “Numbers” are some of the additional activities organized by the Math Department throughout the week. 

SPELLING BEE The objective of this contest is to promote excellence in the proper usage of the English language among students. We should be aware of the importance of developing English vocabulary to academic success. Beyond improving English, the contest provides many other benefits:

  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Setting goals and meeting them.
  • Recognizing the hard work that leads to success, more so than innate intelligence.
  • Realizing that practice makes one perfect.

The contest is held in two categories; Junior and Senior.

PIXEL PUZZLE DESIGN CONTEST It is the combination of design and art skills. The students are asked to draw a design on a theme given to them by using photo shop or paint.

SPEECH CONTEST Students give speeches on some topics chosen by the English Department. We aim to promote public speaking and make our students convey their messages effectively.

DEBATE Students are to debate on topics chosen by the Social Science Department.

ANNIS ESSAY COMPETITION Students are to write an creative essay on a topic in two categories; Junior and Senior.

RECITING POEM COMPETITION It is the combination of drama and quality reading. Students are to recite a poem along with movement and body gesture.

SCIENCE FAIR Science Fair is one of the biggest events of the entire school year. We feel that the experience of participating in the fair has a tremendous importance to students’ education. Through their projects, students will discover that science is found in every niche of the universe. Further, science projects allow students to:

  • Use the scientific method to develop an understanding of controlling variables.
  • Develop research and critical thinking skills
  • Develop time management skills.
  • Develop public speaking skills as they present projects to visitors.

The participants are the students from grade 6 to 12. There are projects from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math on display.

CULTURAL SHOW Students are to display their provincial dress and dances in groups. International food corner is established, too. 

CHESS TOURNAMENT Students are to challenge each other and have fun.

EXCURSIONS It supports classroom learning and provide students opportunities to practice and observe what they have learnt in class.

STATISTICS COMPETITION Students conduct a survey on social issues, present their findings on graphs and draw a conclusion.

TALENT SHOW Students demonstrate their talents in the form of singing, dancing, playing an instrument and so on.

NATIONAL BOOK WEEK There will be a series of activities like drawing contest, treasure hunt, and prize-giving ceremony to bookworms.

TEACHERS’ DAY The students write a card for their best teacher.

IT WEEK There are several competitions; Typing competition, Counter Strike and World Soccer Cup.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE COMPETITION Students are challenged in groups grade by grade. The students are asked questions from different subjects and they are to answer in limited time. GREAT FUN!

TURKISH LANGUAGE WEEK Toung Twister, Singing Competition, Crossword Puzzle Contest, Reading Contest and General Knowledge Competition, Watching a Movie and cooking a Turkish food are some of the activities that are organized throughout the week.

STORY TELLING COMPETITION It is organized between the primary grades. Students asked to make their own groups and choose or write their own stories. Then they dramatize and mime the story on the stage while one of the students read the story.

CLASS PICNICS It is organized once in a term. All the grades have a class picnic at destinations such as Taurama Beach, Botanical Garden, Adventure Park, and Crystal Rapids and so on.

TRIP TO OVERSEA It is organized once a year. A group of students, parents, and teachers travel to a country like Australia, Singapore and visit the tourist attractions.

COMMUNITY SERVICE The school cooperates with international NGOs and organizes food aid, meat distribution, second hand clothes delivery and eye-check to the people who live in the settlements around POM several times in a year.


  •   TOUCHBALL TOURNAMENT The grade teams will challenge each other in two categories; junior and senior.
  •   TABLE-TENNIS TOURNAMENT It is played in two categories; Primary and Secondary. The games are played out of 11 points for 3 sets.
  •   VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT It is played in two categories; Primary and Secondary. Teams of six players challenge each other.
  •   SOCCER TOURNAMENT Students form their team consisting of three players and one substitute. There are two categories; Primary and Secondary.
  •   STREETBALL TOURNAMENT It is played with three players each team and lasts ten minutes in half field.
  •   NETBALL TOURNAMENT It is played between the grades.
  •   ATHLETICS DAY Four houses compete in categories such as javelin, shot put, relay race and so on.