Letters From The Principal


21 April 2017


Dear Parents,


Education is an evolving sector in terms of technology and teaching methodologies. Particularly in the developed countries, there are lots of researches to improve learning and teaching quality at schools. Thanks to our friends who are working in different countries and schools and the books that we purchase, we come to know some of the developments taking place in different parts of the world and try to implement them at PHS.

I would like to bring to your attention some important events and happenings at school:



I am delighted to announce that, we are organizing a cultural festival on Friday, 23rd of June, the last week of the second term. Paradise High School is an activity-oriented school and we encourage students to showcase their skills and talents in creative ways. We also emphasize on preserving PNG’s unique culture and educating students to respect other’s cultures.

The students have formed their own groups and started practicing their provisional dances. It is a great opportunity to display the colorful and amazing culture of PNG.

All parents and guardians are kindly asked to assist in one way or the other. Your help will be greatly appreciated. The parents those want to volunteer to be an instructor for a dance group, please contact Mrs. Isau through the school office.

We are encouraging all of our students to participate in this event. Students will practice the dances from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm on Wednesdays. Please arrange the pick-up for your child accordingly.



Group studies will continue between 9.30 am and 1.00 pm for grade 10 and 12 students on Saturdays. The students who submitted consent forms last term should continue to attend the group studies regularly until the end of the second term. There won’t be group studies in term three instead students will complete Mock Examinations at home on weekends.

Night Stay program for grade 10 and 12 students will start next week. The selected students will receive a consent letter for their parents to sign.



Interaction between parents and the school is important. We rarely see the parents at school due to their work commitment. There aren’t many opportunities to share our experiences with their children to the parents apart from Parent-Teacher conferences and home-visits. Therefore, we came up an idea of Saturday Lunch. We would like to invite the parents for a lunch to meet with the class patron of their child and the administration. It will give a chance to the parents to ask questions about their child and the happenings at school. The time-table is as follow:







29 April

Paradise High School

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


6 May

12 Inquirers

13 May

12 Risk-Takers

20 May


If you agree to come, please sign the form attached to this letter and send it to the class patron latest by Wednesday, Apr 26. Max of two people are invited; parents or guardians.



We started a new initiative at school. The teachers will be recording their lessons as a video in advance and provide it to the students to get prepared before the actual class taking place so that students’ learning will speed up. And also the videos will be a good resource for the students to make a revision or enhance their learning. We have already started using videos at 12 Inquirers class and the feedback from the students is very positive. Therefore, we have decided to use the system for all the subjects in the examined grades.



·         The school website is updated. Please, follow the happenings at school from the website. There is a new section called Parents’ Corner where we will display important articles about parenting and educating children.

·         Three of our teachers attended one day first-aid workshop and were rewarded a certificate.

·         We will be celebrating Maths Week upcoming two weeks. There will be several competitions, activities and tournaments taking place during the weeks.

·         Tutorial classes will resume in week two and continue until week eight. There won’t be any tutorial classes in week nine (final exam week) and week ten. Selected students will receive a separate tutorial letter.

Together, we will go far…




Abdurrahman Aydin