Message from the Head Boy and Head Girl


Dear Reader,


PNG Paradise High School is a school that masters integrity, skills and vision to provide the best that any child can receive from their teachers or school.  The school’s vision statement “Where your future begins” is not only a statement to catch the attention but a mission that students and teachers work together to achieve.


The school has professional teachers and they have various teaching strategies that make students build their confidence and improve on certain areas. As school captains, we have tried to exemplify the qualities that our teachers have taught us to assist them and students in the social and academics trials they faced. With our well-preserved classrooms and resource centers, nothing goes without labor in this school; students have resources and teachers are always enthusiastic to assist a student in need. The school aims to enrich a student with many social experiences from the extra-curricular activities to the small presentations in the class.


The scenery is very homey and with much of the interactive areas intertwined with the natural surroundings of the school; therefore you would think that you are in a park. This year, we had the highest number of parents attended Parent-Teacher Conference. Although small in size, the benefits are endless. It feels more like family, everyone knows each other.

With its establishment in 2007, PHS has come a long way from its national and international recognition for excelling not only in academics but as well as standard. The standard of work from students is like none-other schools we have experienced.


Nothing goes without a saying at Paradise High School. When there is a goal set, we see it that we must achieve it in flying colors. Paradise High School has been the right choice for the parents to send their children to acquire a good education.




Neevah Eberl      (Head Girl-Grade 12 Inquirers)

Abraham Wemin (Head Boy-Grade 12 Risk-Takers)