Paradise High School had the first Preferential Voting System for head boy and head girl this year.  The election took place in week four. The students were given the opportunity to practice the 1,2,3 voting experience at a young age.  It hopes to instil in them the value of fairness in choosing their student leaders with qualified potential.


There were three aspirants for head boy while only one head girl who was un- oppose for the candidacy.  The following boys were: Robinson Uware, Moses Boko and Abraham Wemin and the only girl was NeevahEberl who was already proclaimed winner.  The election was based on absolute majority of 131 which is 50% of the school total population.  So far not one of the candidate votes had reached the absolute majority in count number one.  So the counting proceeded to count number two after which most of them surpassed the absolute majority basis. The result shows that, Abraham Wemin earned 193 votes, Robinson Uware 178 votes and Moses Boko 152 votes.  Finally, Abraham Wemin was proclaimed the head boy for this school year.