Paradise High School held the second annual fun-filled primary picnic on May 14.  The aim of the picnic is to create an opportunity for families from the grade 6, 7 and 8 classes to celebrate the wonderful diversity and reality of families every year.  To be as well recognized as creating ritual where you turn off the TV, ignore the phone and just spend quality time together. 

There were quite a good number of families who came for the picnic.  Each one had a great time putting up their picnic mats and feasting on their meals. Laughter echoed during the Parlour games and casual conversations.  Everyone was blessed with the beauty of nature.

Paradise High School is thankful for those families who find their way to attend the event since family get together is one of the school’s big dream and vision.

Family Day is important to me because I cherish the time I get to spend with my family.  The years have flown by.  The older my children get the less time I spend with them.  We all have busy work and school schedules.  I have always felt it important and our duty as parents to be a good influence and role model for our children.  Spending time together, engaged in quite conversation or fun exciting activities, is the best way I know to give our children the tools they will need when they grow up and start their families.

Mrs. Agnes Bartolome