One of the many things in Paradise High School that keeps getting better and better is the talent show. The event was
a blast. Thanks to the event coordinator Mrs. Derrick who invited three music experts in the person of singer Didi
Maru, her twin brother Mikez Maru director of infinite Sound and Andrew Inape , Music lecturer at DBTI.
The crowd was overwhelmed by Jedidiah and Kasiana’s amazing duet, Curious and mystified by Carlos Levi with
his card tricks, cheered wildly for the Civilized karakas who did freestyle rapping and brought bling and style to
their unforgettable performance.

The vocal sleyers (11R) presented a heartfelt song dedicated to their teacher Mrs.
Aydin who is leaving the country, thus their song left everyone in tears. A young and confident Mercy Puiye
from grade 8 took on the challenge to recite 20 longest words just under 60 seconds, however managed to
mesmerize the crowd with a jaw dropping record of 49 seconds. Next up were boys from the grade 10P class,

Benjamin and Wari who shocked the audience with their powerful vocals and guitar skills in their wonderful cover
of Ed Sheeran, I See Fire. A comedy imitation by three 12I girls named Okolo and Kimlee definitely like no other
because it left the audience in continuous laughter and amusement. Another class performance from the Parasite
group (12 RT) with free style rapping of the song, Wild and Free was very entertaining and left the crowd singing
along. Last but not the least a Dj took the stage and caused the audience to sing and dance. That was Dj Jessie Joy
from grade 10T who closed the show with a massive explosion.
At the end the judges made their decisions and winners
were finally mentioned. First place went to 12I girls,
second place Mercy Puiye (longest words) and hird place

Benjamin and Wari from grade 10 Class.